Yard Clean Ups

Spring Cleanups
Spring Clean up consists of three primary steps. First, we dethatch your lawn. Dethatching loosens up dead grass and leaves that are matted down in your grass. It’s pretty much raking your lawn with metal tines. The next step would be blowing out your beds from excess leaves from the fall. Lastly, picking up any sticks and debris. The spring clean up gets your yard ready for great lawn growth and beautifying your beds.

Edging and Mulching beds
Putting a nice clean edge on your beds keeps your lawn from invading in on your flower beds. A nice layer of fresh mulch neatens up your flower beds and also helps out your plantings survive whatever Mother Nature might throw at us during the year.

Fixing Plow Damage
No one has a tougher job than the plow guy. They are supposed to plow the snow away from your driveway and make sure the grass does not get damaged. More times than not, there will be some repair. We will bring in fresh loam, seed and starter fertilizer to patch your damages.

Fall Clean ups
It’s important to have a fall cleanup. The removal of leaves off your lawn will help prepare it for the spring. Wet, matted down leaves could potentially ruin your lawn. We blow out all your beds around your house, your lawn areas and give it a nice last cut of the year while sucking up any extra derbis.
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